New Beginnings Recovery House  for Women

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Our Property Offers:

- 12 acres on the Guadalupe River
- Gazebo for gathering and fellowship
- We have 2 houses with 5 beds in 1 house and 6 beds in our other home
-Each bed is complete with sheets and a bedspread
-50" flat screen HDTV with Cable and Netflix
-Wireless internet & house Computer
- Discount memberships to the local gym, The Kroc Center, with no initiation fee or contract

Bed reservation & move in fee
-Please be aware that the bed reservations & move in fee is NON REFUNDABLE. Move in and bed reservation fee will secure a clients bed at Awakenings. It also covers maintenance &  property fees.
-If you are unable to come to New Beginnings when you initially thought,the $250.00 bed reservation and move in fee will be accepted after payment has been made for ONE year. We will hold the actual bed placement for two to three weeks. It is essential you speak with a manager about the day and time you will be arriving
-You MUST confirm the day and time you will be arriving.  If you miss the agreed upon date you said you would be arriving, we cannot guarantee there will be a bed available. We will honor your $250.00 move in fee for ONE year. That does not mean we will hold your bed for one year. It means that you will not have to pay the $250.00 bed reservation twice, if you were not able to make the agreed upon move in date within the course of a year.
It is very important that once the deposit is made that you contact our House Director to establish the day and the time of arrival. You cannot continue to push the day back that you are going to arrive at Awakenings over and over again without any communication to the owner or the managers of the house. The actual bed will be held upon consent and agreement of the resident and the managers.

If you miss that date and do not contact us for any reason, then we will open up the bed up for potential residents. It is important to remember that we will honor your bed reservation and move in fee for a year, but cannot guarantee a bed will be available without any communication from the client.