New Beginnings Recovery House  for Women

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1.  What is a sober house?

A sober house is a residence for people to live together who are in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.  The houses are for people in recovery to learn how to live a sober and healthy lifestyle.  Sober houses are typically 12 step based. For most sober homes, an identified sponsor and meeting attendance are required as a condition to live at the house.

2.  Who lives in a sober house?

Residents of sober homes are people who realize that they need help and guidance down the path of recovery.  Sober houses provide a varied amount of support and structure.  House managers and many owners are typically in a 12 step program as well.

3.  What are the rules of living in our sober home?

Abstinence from alcohol and drugs is required.  There is a mandatory curfew and 12 step based meeting attendance for the home members. Meditation is mandatory Monday through Friday. Attendance of the weekly house meeting is also required. Chores are also assigned as a way of building responsibility and structure in one's life. Creating a happy and healthy home takes effort from all members of the community.

4.  What about medication?

Medication which requires a prescription must be cleared with the house manager before moving into the house. If you are on medication you must stay on your medication unless you have consulted and worked with a Doctor to make the necessary changes.  Please contact the house director or assistant house director for further explanation and details. 

5.  Is transportation required?

Most residents have cars and are usually willing to help other housemates with rides to meetings and such.  

6.  Is it safe?

Violence and drug use/drinking is not allowed.  The House director and her assistant are in charge of creating a safe a healthy environment. This requires the collaboration and respect from our residents.  In short, we want all of our residents to have a safe place to learn how to live life sober.

7.  I've never been to a sober house, what should I expect?

As a resident of New Beginnings Recovery House, you can expect a peaceful environment with beautiful surroundings. The aim of the house is to provide a loving supportive community environment that will inspire the house members to stay and remain clean and sober. The house director and his assistant are there to guide house members to work together with support, truth and honesty.

8. What should I bring?

New Beginnings supplies all of the bedding. We do not supply bath towels. We also supply all utensils and paper goods for the house. 

Some main items to bring are as follows:

1. Lock box for medication

2. Laundry hamper

3. Hangers

4. Tupperware- With labels for your name to place in the refrigerator.

5. Bins for clothing storage- These bins should be placed underneath the bed. The bins should fit under a twin size bed.

6. Laundry Detergent

7. Bathroom supplies such as: Shampoo, Conditioner and bath soap

*All storage has to be placed in the closet, drawers or underneath the bed. No plastic containers should be placed outside of these areas in your room.


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